British Petroleum Credit Cards

MyBPCreditcard portal lets BP credit card users enjoy online banking features at any time from anywhere. Recently came to know about the BP Credit Card? If yes, go through the article. Investing a few minutes reading the article will let you explore the key features of each My BP Credit Card.

British Petroleum Credit Cards

Mainly there are three different types of British Petroleum Credit Cards.

  1. BP Credit Card
  2. BP Visa Credit Card
  3. BP Fleet Cards

Before applying for any of the credit cards you must decide the purpose of spending. Hence, we have stated quick highlights for each BP Credit Card.

BP Credit Card: This British Petroleum Credit Card is the best choice if you’re just intending to make payments at Gas Stations. You can gain 5¢ off per gallon on fuel purchases at British Petroleum & Amoco stations. Moreover, you can gain 1% cashback on every spending.

BP Visa Credit Card: If you’re intending to use a credit card for making payments at the grocery, departmental stores, Gas Stations then the BP Visa Credit Card is a good choice. You can gain 10¢ off per gallon on fuel purchases at British Petroleum & Amoco stations. Obtain 3% cashback spending at Grocery Stores and 1% cashback spending at departmental store or gas stations

BP Fleet Cards: If you have a team and intending to spend at British Petroleum & Amoco Gas stations then go for BP Fleet Cards. Two types of BP Credit Cards.

  • BP Business Solutions Mastercard
  • BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus

Kindly, visit the official MyBPCreditcard portal to know the features of both BP Fleet Cards, you can find Apply Tab on the same web page.

Moreover, you can get BP gift cards starting worth from $5 to $100 (Select Quantity).


We’re glad to introduce different types of MyBPCreditcard cards, in this article. If you have any doubts or queries kindly, note them in the given comment section. We will look into it!