MyBPCreditcard – Official My BP Credit Card Login Portal

Card Name MyBPCreditCard
Offical Website
Website Direct Access Click Here
Brand Name BP or British Petrolium
Card issuing Bank Name Synchrony Bank
Confirmation Way Online
APR 29.99%
Annual Fee $0

MyBPCreditCard : The BP Visa Credit Card or BP Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. The Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy governs the use of the BP Visa Credit Card or BP Credit Card and the privacy policy of Synchrony Bank is totally different from that of BP.

Manage your BP credit card account online

With the help of this privacy policy, every BP credit card holder enjoys the privilege of creating their own official online portal known as the Mybpcreditcard. With this option, all cardholders can easily check their discount rewards accumulated through this portal.

Mybpcreditcard account holders have the benefit to check their gift cards and account balance by just logging into their accounts on At the same time, a BP cardholder can pay their credit card payment without having to run to the bank every time.

How to login to  Mybpcreditcard Account

One’s Bp credit card number is very useful for creating a Mybpcreditcard account. If you are already registered as a member of Mybpcreditcard portal, one can list themselves with their User ID and password by following some very easy steps on

Follow these steps to list yourself:

  • Go to the site from your browser and reach the login page.
  • Fill in your ‘user-id’ and ‘password’ in the required tabs.
  • Then, click on the ‘Secure Login’ button.
  • Your Mybpcreditcard portal will be activated and ready to use after 24 hours.

New My BP Credit Card Registration

If one is already not a member of the My BP credit card portal, one has to follow the new registration process. For that firstly the credit card holder has to generate an account within the portal. Follow these steps to create an account for a new user:

  • Go to the site from your browser and reach the Mybpcreditcard registration.
  • Fill your required details like credit card number and your billing zip code. After filling the necessary fields, click on Continue.
  • Next, one has to enter their personal details.
  • Lastly, press on the icon ‘Submit’
  • After following these simple steps, one will be a member of the Mybpcreditcard portal after the next 24 hours.

After one has created a membership, they may follow the easy steps for creating their own official portal. Once having completed all these formalities, one can use this portal to pay their bills, check the FICO score, control the account preferences and create an account for paperless billing.

Advantages of Mybpcreditcard

Mybpcreditcard has its own box of advantages for its customers. Not only they are a great tool for financial issues, these cards provide better quality services for a nominal amount. It allows the Bp cardholders to save money while paying for a gallon of gas when they pay their bill with the BP credit card at the gas pump. A BP credit card holder can earn 5 to 25 cents for every gallon of their purchase.

The amazing part about these BP credit cards are that one doesn’t have to pay any annual fee. And the scope for fraud in this type of card is minimal. Also, with the help of this card, one can easily handle their ATM cash. And if one doesn’t uses these benefits, they can always exploit their My BP credit card benefits at the gas pump.

Different Types of Mybpcreditcard

While deciding to use the Mybpcreditcard, this service provides 4 different options to its customers:

1)      BP Credit Card:  Close to a Visa Card, this card allows its holders to use the points from this card after acquiring 100$ and above at BP stations and gas pumps.

2)      BP Visa Credit Card: Just like a normal visa card, its acceptability is huge and wide and is accepted in all the places where your normal Visa Credit card is accepted. But if we compare this card with the BP credit card, the more useful card is BP credit card, as one can exploit the benefits on every $100 and one receives regular rewards accordingly.

3)      Fleet Fuel Card: Reliant on the volume of purchases one makes, this card is independent of the present discounts.

4)      BP Gift Card: The best things about these cards are that they do not have any expiry dates, and at the same time they do not have any charges on its usage. These cards help the customers to justify their benefits on purchase of food products, fuel and other services.

BP Creditcard Reward Channel

1)      BP Credit card holders: These cards helps its customers gain 10 cents on every gallon they purchase at BP gas stations.

2)      BP Visa Card holders: For the first 90 days, with these cards, a customer can earn up to 25 cents per gallon of gas they purchase at BP gas station, on the condition that they have a standing of $100 and the station accepts Visa cards. After the end of the first 90 days, one can earn 15 cents off per gallon for every purchase of dining, travel and other groceries, 25 cents off for each gallon of your purchase and 5 cents off per gallon wherever the Visa card is accepted.

Redeeming Rewards

There are two ways for a customer to redeem their awards:

1)      In the first option, one can directly get their reward credited in their bank account. In this method, a minimum of 7 cents reward credit should be available in the customer’s account. These user reward credit has a price that is a product of the number of rewards the customer has gross and 15.

2)      In the second method, a customer can immediately use up their benefit by claiming their rewards directly at BP gas stations. Using this method, a customer has the opportunity to get hands on extra fuel in exchange for the rewards. A customer can reserve their money just by claiming it immediately.

Apply For BP Credit Card

BP credit Card

If one doesn’t have a BP credit card, they are missing out on a lot of benefits. To avoid that follow these steps to receive BP credit card.

1)      Firstly click on the My bpcreditcard application icon on the website.

2)      Click on the ‘Apply Now’ option.

3)      Fill in the personal details.

4)      Next, properly check that all the details filled are correct.

5)      Finally, click on ‘Submit’. After a few days, one will receive their credit card.

Note: A BP Credit card holder can claim these rewards only at BP gas stations within this plan, and after a year of earning, the cards expire. In case one has any queries related to BP credit card login, contact the number given at the back of the card.

Can you use a BP credit card anywhere?

Yeah, you can use your BP credit card anywhere in the globe. The only thing is that BP will charge 3 percent of the expenditure quantity for every swipe you slide from outside the U.S.

Can you use a BP credit card anywhere

BP Credit Card Categories

BP cards come with four categories, each for particular needs and specifications. Look at these four loan cards.

  1. BP Credit Card
  2. BP Gift Card
  3. Fleet Fuel Card
  4. BP Visa Credit Card

Which One is Better, BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card?

Both have their own specialities and advantages. It all depends on your usage and the manner you use it. Although there are so many similarities between both cards.

You can choose your best-suited card by reading the specifications of each.


BP Credit Card Specifications:

Fee & APR Ratio: No annual fee, with 28.24% of buying APR tagging.

Bonus: Comes with an introductory offer, which is, BP will reward you with 10 cents off per gallon for the next 3 months from the sign-up date.

Limits: BP credit card is restricted to use at particular locations if you want to receive benefits.

BP Visa Credit Card Specifications:

FEE & APR Ratio: The BP Visa card also includes zero annual charges and the purchasing APR ration is the same as the BP credit.

Bonus: Also include an introductory offer that is larger than BP credit, offering up to 25 cents per gallon of gas for every $100 you spend.

Cash Back: It also offers 15 cents off per gallon of gas for the cash you spend on particular grocery stores worth $100.

Limits: Although BP credit is restricted to use, there are no limitations on the Visa variant, in this scenario you can swipe it wherever Visa is approved.

My BP Credit Card Review

Through the help of multiple government studies and surveys, we have some BP credit card reviews and excellent characteristics. The main comfort of this credit card is that it provides a fairly decent quantity of money back when you buy only your needy goods and chattels.

There are many other credit card services out there on the market, which also sometimes provides benefits and cash back for spending the money only on their required products. Yes, we know it’s sucking, but BP credit card isn’t like former card facilities.


One more worthy part is, both the BP credit card and BP Visa card has not any annual fee. Yes, both are fee less. However, the BP credit card is only designed to use in gas stations but the with Visa version you have more flexibility.


You can take advance or loans from BP cards and the repaying fee is 5 percent of the amount you take the advance. You can use your BP card anywhere in the world, though BP deducts a 3% charge on the international (Out of America) swipes. Note that you have to pay your card bill on the time because they put a fine of $35 for the late fee.

Furthermore, you can readily transfer balance or top-up from another credit card (not applicable on chase card) to your BP credit card. Go to your BP account online to transfer your cash from other cards to your BP account.

Fill in the account number and amount that you want to transfer to your BP card and select Ok. Keep in mind you cannot transfer above than $15000 which is limit.

Note: you may charge by a fee of 3% of the amount you transfer.

Security Concerns

If we talk about the security of BP credit card, then again, it’s on the top. BP protects your money very well. Suppose someone cheats you over a product or item while you are paying via your BP card, BP will give you a full refund in that case.

For all fraudulent acquisitions, you pay $0. If you think in “safety is first” terminology, that’s nice.

BP Visa

BP Visa is intended for a gas credit card. A gas loan card with bonuses and bonuses. Fill the tank of your car and get some bucks back in your pocket, it’s all that simple. BP Visa offers up to 25 cents of cashback on every gallon of gas, while you spend $100 on BP gas stations.

It also offers a signup prize worth 25 cents per gallon for 3 months, spending at least $100 anywhere except for non-BP gas station. In addition, 15 cents off for each gallon of gas, while you spend $100 on approved shopping malls, travel tickets, dining establishments, and coffee shops. Zero dollars annual fee and withdrawal of cash from ATM machines.

BP Rewards

BP rewards its clients for purchasing daily requirements. BP has elevated discounts when you purchase gas from BP gas stations. The discounts or money back are between 3.75 to 5 percentages. After one year, these benefits expire. It is very simple to get the benefits in the early 3 months from the date of the card’s registration. After the 90 days, the method becomes slow as the first 3 months have more proportion of discounts.

  1. BP rewards you with 3.75% of cashback on BP’s gas station refill.
  2. You also get 2.25% cash back on the rest of the things, in addition, a 5 percent cash back on all purchasing during the first three months.
  3. The best rewards are up to $100 cash returns with the sum of spending $500. Note: You are only capable to get this reward once you spend at least $2000 in the specific time.

Pay BP Credit Card

Visit the following page for pay BP credit card online.

My BP Credit Card App

MyBPCreditCard - How to login and Signup Online @ 1

BP’s strong loan card app. More convenient and simple to use. Making a payment through the BP app provides you full luxury. Make payments from your office, home and car seat even in extreme weather conditions.

The app is like your wallet assistant that will do all these things for you.

BP credit card app saves your time along with receipts for every purchase you made. To get the app visit the link.

Maurices Credit Card vs. My BP Credit Card

Maurices is a brand name for a well-known American women’s clothing business. If you are a regular cloth shopper then you probably know that Maurices is offering a credit card service with the name Maurices credit card. Maurices is also offering rewards on purchasing goods, similar to BP credit card. Maurices is a bit eye-catching for women due to women garments products whereas BP is specific on Gas.

  1. It has an elevated APR by comparing BP with Maurices. Maurices also has no annual fee, though, but the interest rate for Maurices customers is far large.
  2. Maurices charges a minimum of $2 for the interest deals plus late fee charges up to 35 USD.
  3. Maurices give you a 15% off on your very first buy. You’ll also have more benefits and discounts on your birthday.
  4. Getting a credit card from Mauritius is easy, you don’t need any minimum credit score.

JCPenney Gift Cards Online Compare to BP

JC Penney gift cards are in both forms, the first is a Master card and the second is a basic card. JC Penney is one of the biggest (more than in 864 fields of 49 US states) and the oldest (more than 100 years ancient) US marketplace.

  1. As JC Penney offers two different cards, online a JC Penney gift card applicant cannot pick the card option. After checking a candidate’s request, JC Penney chooses which card should be provided.
  2. APR rates are fixed with a percentage of 27.99%. This percentage applies to both cards.
  3. Late fee for both cards is same, up to $38.
  4. There is a limitation on the use of the card, at this time I’m writing the article, you can swipe your card at JC Penney shop and
  5. JCPenney’s credit cards come with zero annual fees.

British Petroleum – Profile & Stock

British Petroleum or a.k.a BP was first introduced in 1908 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in Iran. Later on, it became Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and then British Petroleum in 1954.

Now the company is Hard-hearted in London and becomes the world’s largest oil and gas company. It is counted as number six out of the world’s seven major oil and gas companies. BP is number 12 in the list of companies generating most revenue.

The company has expanded its services in all branches of the oil and gas industry. let’s have a look on BP’s profile and stock values.


British Petroleum (BP)


Oil and Gas




London, England

Trade Names






Motor Fuels


Natural Gas

Aviation Fuels

Production Sum

3.6 Mbbl/d (570×103 m3/d) of BOE

Stock and Revenue

        244.58 billion USD, Increasing

Net Harvest

3.47 Billion USD

Total Credit

276.52 Billion USD







Carl-Henric Svanberg

MyBPCreditCard Customer Service

BP Credit Card provides a nice customer service; if you have problems with your BP credit card, you can contact the support team commonly.

In any emergency or for any further queries please feel free to contact BP credit card’s support.

Here are how you can contact My BP credit card customer service.

  1. You can visit your nearest BP station for help and support.
  2. You can visit their website for more help
  3. And you can email them at

How to Find BP Gas Station Near Me?

It’s so easy to locate a BP gas station close me, all you need is an internet connection and a computer to find a gas station close you. Just go to Google Maps or go to “BP Gas Station Near Me” and you’ll get all the stations around you. Note: Don’t forget to switch on your GPS location in the device you’re using.

Google Maps is a kind of easy way to discover gas stations near you.

BP Gas Station Hours

Usually BP gas stations remain open 24/7. Public holidays or weekend may impact on their schedule.


Q: What is a BP credit card?

A: BP loan card is a short name for BRITISH PETROLEUM. BP is a London-based multinational gas and oil corporation. The firm was founded in 1909. Now BP introduces their credit card, which gives money back and benefits on gas filling, dining, supermarket shopping, etc.

Q: Can I use the BP credit card anywhere?

A: Yes, you can use your BP credit card anywhere. You should use BP credit card at BP gas stations to get the most prize. Only BP gas stations, 3% on travel tickets, dining and grocery stores, and 1% wherever Visa card is appropriate, you will receive a 5% bonus or benefits.

Q: What is Synch BP DC?

A: Synchrony Bank issues a BP credit card, and synch is a short form for Synchrony Bank and it is under license with VISA.

Q: Where can I use BP gas card?

A: Anywhere you can use the BP gas card. You can use it at BP gas stations as well as at BP stores. It’s a ideal gift for your loved one.

Q: How does BP Rewards work?

A: BP rewards operates when you spend at least $100 from your BP credit card at BP gas stations to buy, dine, and book travel tickets. You will receive a prize of 15 cents per gallon of gas each time you spend equivalent to 100 USD. You can also redeem your prize for money and gift cards.

Q: Does Arco accept BP credit cards?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot use Arco’s BP credit card, as Arco only uses money and debt to maintain its gas values, so it is not feasible to use Arco’s BP credit card.

Q: How do I use my BP Driver Rewards card?

A: At BP gas stations, you can use your BP driver rewards card. You need to swipe a gas station’s related reward card and then provide your phone number. Otherwise at the beginning, you can swipe your BP driver rewards card as well. Then the option will take you to redeem.

Q: What are BP credit card Benefits?

A: BP loan card has great advantages. You can save cash while you’re spending it. Wherever you spend it, however, the benefits will be added. The only non-BP gas station won’t operate to receive rewards and advantages. At the beginning, you will be rewarded with an introductory offer that is 25 cents off per galleon of gas while spending $100. This offer lasts 90 days and after that, when you spend $100, you will earn 15 cents off per gallon of gas.

Q: What is BP credit card Pin Number?

A: You need to select a 4-digit secret PIN for your Bp credit card when you register. This is only for the safety of your card. You will need to insert this 4-digit PIN each time you swipe or use your card to create a good deposit.

Q: What is the BP Credit Card Credit Score?

A: A credit score is a scale for measuring how much you are good at repaying your debts. If you want to be approved for BP credit card, you will need at least FAIR BP credit score. Best credit score, which will get more chances of approval, ranges between 600 to 650.

Q: How to check BP Credit Card Status?

A: You can check BP credit card status by contacting Synchrony Bank customer service.

Q: Where to do BP Visa Credit Card Login Synchrony Bank?

A: If you want to log in to your BP Visa credit Card Synchrony Bank, you need to go to Synchrony Bank’s official website, and then go to the login section. Provide your synchrony bank username and password and get in.

Q: Where to pay my Bill?

A: You can pay bill online. Go to BP credit card’s official website, login to your Bp credit card account. And go to payment/Billing section and pay your bill.

Bp Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number

For any inquiries, You can contact on given number for better help support..


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